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the logos

The Logos

Changing the website logos, maybe it could be an update and bring a new atmosphere. A logo is a form of personal branding and becomes an object that visitors will definitely remember. The website is no exception. By changing the logo, the website will have more choices in managing templates and so on. Website …



As we know that Pirlo is a legend in world football. He is famous for ball control that spoils the eyes of his supporters. More than just playing ball, Pirlo is a world maestro, even as a coach he can still make the ball look alive. I was a Pirlo fan at that time, even …



Project Niken was actually just a joke because I was curious about the Tailwind CSS framework which is currently being discussed among programmers. The reason for wanting to try Tailwind CSS is because I’m bored of using Bootstrap and want to try something new. Coincidentally, CSS has a framework, so I wanted to try it …